Pat n' Pat Fundraising Auctions

Professional Fundraising Auctioneers & Consultants

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When you hire Pat n' Pat - you get Pat n' Pat.   We personally attend your Auction Meetings, answer your questions, offer printed resources, help you produce a fun and financially successful auction and of course are your Auctioneers at your event.   We are Professional Fundraising Consultants and Fundraising Auctioneers who unlike "bid callers" who just show up at your event - we  become part of your Auction Team helping you every step along the way!

Pat (she) is your Auctioneer.   Professional Trained at the Missouri Auction School, and with nearly 30 years experience in all phases of nonprofit Auctions; Pat offers a unique blend of Humor, Insight and Salesmanship.

Pat (he) serves as your Master of Ceremonies (if so desired), describes your Live Auction Items with Humor and Enthusiasm and Cheers on your Audience's bidding. 

Professional Spotters (Bidder's Assistants) are part of our Auction Package.  We bring 3 Enthusiastic and Experienced Spotters who work along side your volunteer spotters to excite your audience and encourage bidding. 

Together Pat n' Pat offer a full range of Experience and Consultation prior to your Auction combined with a Fun and Lively presence at your Auction.   Pat n' Pat are the Perfect Solution to helping you create a Successful and Profitable Auction!

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