Pat n' Pat Fundraising Auctions

Professional Fundraising Auctioneers & Consultants

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Our very affordable fee is a Flat Rate -

            No percentages, No unexpected add-ons,  No surprises!

Our Flat Rate Fee includes:

    * Free Unlimited Consultation
    * Our Donation to your Auction of One Week at our 3 Bedroom / 2 Bath Home in Lake Havasu City, Arizona (no date restrictions - first dibs) - value $1,300
    * Brainstorming Sessions
    * FREE Bid Numbers
    * 3 Enthusiastic and Experienced Spotters / Bidders Assistants to work along side your volunteers.
    * Resources such as our: Auction Dream List (brainstorming ideas), Auction Basket Ideas, Adopt-A-Bag Ideas, Party Board Ideas, Raffle Ideas, Volunteer Opportunities and Auction Timelines, Committee Descriptions and Tasks and much, much more!
    * Pat n' Pat - we will personally work with your organization.
    * Our personal Enthusiasm and Experience!

At this time are still requiring NO DEPOSIT.  All we require is a Handshake (which we feel is as important as a Contract) and a signed contract with Payment in Full the Night of your Auction.

Remember, we are here for YOU!

Call us today @ 503-234-1522!

"Hiring Pat n' Pat does not cost you money - we MAKE you money!"