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Can you hear me now?

You may laugh, but that is a very important question.  Many auction committees are convinced by a venue that their "house" sound system is fabulous.  It may be . . . for conferences where everyone is quiet listening to a speaker or for music where no one really needs to hear the words; but for Auctions you need a professional sound system brought in with sound engineer on site.

The investment in a professional sound system, which will allow the sound to be pleasant (not too loud, not too soft) and audible throughout the room, will pay for itself many times over.  If your sound person says, "We can be as loud as you want" they are the WRONG person!  Loud is not your goal - clear and pleasant coverage is your answer.   You may invest a little extra for a high quality sound system, but it will raise you many times more than you spend!   And, your guests will have an enjoyable evening and be excited about returning next year.   Make the investment!!

Select your sound system carefully - as carefully as you select your venue and your auctioneer.

Remember, your audience will not bid if they cannot understand your auctioneer!

We recommend the following for Sound:


Scott Tom, a long time Portland radio personality, has many years experience providing music, entertainment and sound systems for fundraising auctions.  We have done tens of Auctions with Scott and his sound engineer.   His team arrives early, plays great music during the silent auction (ramping it up as the evening evolves), custom music for each of your Live Auction Items and music for dancing following your event.  Listen weekdays to Scott on OLDIES 106.7 FM.   And when you contact him - ask Scotty for his special Pat n' Pat price!  You will be pleased.